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We're proud of the emails and notes we've received from our wonderful "gliders". We'd like to share them with you, and of course, encourage more! We'll post them as we get them!


Joe and Jeff,

Thank you for an exceptional experience of touring downtown St. Louis on a Segway with our guides Bill and Hannah.  We had a family reunion over the Fourth of July holiday and wanted to provide a memorable experience of their visit. HOME RUN!!!  Your  Glide St. Louis Tours was the highlight of the reunion and our guests saw St. Louis from a fantastic perspective.  Bill and Hannah’s knowledge of St. Louis City along with their vibrant personalities and professionalism focused on us enjoying ourselves while remaining safe at all times.  I have been on other Segway tours and I am happy to state your tour far exceeded them all.  Thanks for going out of your way to make our day special.

I enthusiastically recommend Glide St. Louis Tours to everyone.  If you are looking for something to do with family, friends or a group of associates (such as work, neighbors, ball team, mahjong group, etc.)  that is unique, fun and very memorable, give Joe and Jeff a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Larry S.
July, 2013

P.S. For those of you worried about being able to ride a Segway, my wife felt the same way and in a matter of minutes was riding like a pro and riding side-by-side with our college granddaughter.

Joe & Jeff -

We had an absolute BLAST on our sightseeing segway tours! I'm soooo thrilled I booked tours with you and Glide STL to see both downtown (Friday, May 30th) and Forest Park (Sunday, June 1st) for me and my family!!! It truly is the most fun I've ever had sightseeing and will be the ONLY way I share this fine city with family and friends who come to visit us in the future!!! I've even posted a message (attached) with my strong endorsement/recommendation with a link to your website on my company electronic bulletin board (which will reach close to 3000 St. Louis employees)... I work for the corporate offices of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I actually assist the Founder of the company (Jack Taylor)... who is also a large contributor/supporter of many of our local area gems... preserving some of the fabulous and FREE) attractions St. Louis has to offer (many of which we saw on our tour of Forest Park)! I'm attaching some fun photos from our tour we thought you both might like to see! Thanks again fellas!!! As I stated in my posting on our company board... I can't wait to have more visitors in town so I can take the segway tours with you again!!!

Leslie S.

Jeff and Joe,

I want to take a moment of my time to tell you how much Sandy and I enjoyed both of your tours. I had never rode a Segway prior to your tour and was excited and a bit apprehensive when I found out Sandy had scheduled the Tour of Saint Louis for our anniversary. It wasn’t long before you guys had the both of us gliding along the parking lot of the Courtyard Marriott, and once I got my Seg’ legs was able to dance to the tunes of the Navy band at Kiener Plaza. What a blast!

Since Sandy and I enjoyed your Tour of Saint Louis and your witty banter we signed up to take the Forest Park Tour for my Birthday. Your knowledge of the historic sites on both tours was a plus and, though I have lived here most of my life, made me realize how much I had to learn about the city.

I (we) want to thank the both of you for providing us a great time and are happy that you have brought such a service to Saint Louis.

Wishing you long lived success.


Craig F.

As a Missouri resident for 15 years, i am always searching for new and fun
things to do with our out of town guests. By far this tour is tops on our
list. When I first discovered Glide Tour St. Louis, I was excited and
anxious about the Segways. Never being on one would I be able to handle this
two wheeled tour guide-could I master the beast? The answer is YES!! and so
will you. Joe and Jeff, owners and operators, not only give you your money's
worth on this 3-HOUR TOUR, but they are great and patient teachers. Everyone
has one on one time. The tour does not begin until everyone is comfortable
with their ability to navigate their Segway. As they move onto their next
student, the training is great fun as you are set loose to roam and practice
on your own. As far as the tour itself, I can only say I have never learned,
laughed or been to as many places in St. Louis. This City is great and rich
with history. You owe it to yourself and guests to take this tour. I have
taken it several times and already am planning for my summer company. Don't
worry about the weather, thirst or safety-rain gear-water and helmets are
provided along with an educational film with lots of hands on training.
There truly is no other way to see St. Louis. do it on a Segway!! You will
never go back to the other way!!

Arlene B.

I wanted to thank you again for the great tour on was sooooo much fun learning new facts about landmarks I have passed a hundred times..and gliding along on the Segway.  You both work so well together and it was really the "best".  Best of luck the rest of the season...going to book in the fall for the Forest Park tour, and I will spread the word on this unique experience!

Tony T.

P. S.  Also looking forward to the pics when they are posted...

Hello Jeff - I wanted to let you know I had a friend visit Austin from Canada.  We did a Segway tour with a local company.   It was only 2.25 hours and was more expensive.  We didn't cover near as much territory as we did with your company.  They were VERY reluctant to unlock the faster speed on the machines.

You have a SUPERIOR product compared to what is available in Austin, TX.  The guides are better, more professional and more terrain is covered with you.  The experience with your company made me want to ride Segways again.  Had the Austin experience been my first, I probably not be eager to do it again.  Have you ever thought about franchising the concept?  The experience you provide is top notch.

Most Sincerely,

 Kris B.

PS - Here is an attached photo.  We had to take photos in Austin with our own cameras.  I love how you take pictures on your tours and post them to your website so we can link to it showing other people the fun time we had on your tour.


            I participated in your Segway tour last Monday, Aug. 10 in St. Louis.  I was with the Woodridge School District.  I was in the second group.  I wanted to thank you for your patience.  I was the first one on the Segway, and I was very nervous.  I had a lot of time to practice.  Your extra time with me was most appreciated.  It was because of that extra time that I really enjoyed the ride.  I felt comfortable and had so much fun.  It was so much better than the first time that I had ridden a Segway.  I wanted you to know that I am grateful.  Good luck in the future with your business.


Susan F.

Get this! We decided to make a group tour with Glide St louis a
Christmas gift for our staff at West Port Periodontics. Joe and Jeff dressed up like Santa
and an elf and brought two Segways to the dining room of the place we were having our
party. They zipped around the tables delivering the gift certificates to
everyone's delight!

When the weather turned nice in the spring we had a fantastic tour of
Forest Park. Now we can't wait to do the tour of downtown St Louis!

George K.

Erik and I toured downtown with Bill on Mon., 6/6/11. We had a blast! I can't believe how enjoyable the Segway Tour was. It was great to see all the historic buildings and landmarks, not to mention hear the knowledgeable history that Bill shared with us along the way. Thank you for your patience while learning to ride the Segway. I was a little nervous at first, but was riding it like a "pro" within 10 minutes. The tour was probably the best part of our weekend trip to St. Louis. I look forward to doing another tour of the Forest City area. I have been telling everybody about our segway tour!

I highly recommend that anyone visiting the St. Louis area, invest their time and money in this experience. There is no doubt in my mind they will enjoy themselves!
Thanks for a great experience!

Tara S

Hi Joe,

My husband and I were in St. Louis late April 2012 as part of our 10th anniversary celebration. We decided on "repeats" this year so I was delighted to discover tours by Glide St. Louis since we had previously "segway-ed" Chicago. Of the companies offering tours, I found your web site to be the most informative and what clinched the deal was a statement somewhere about traveling across a bridge to the IL side of the Mississippi. Boy did you come through! Kerry loved riding segways again and I really appreciated the history you provided throughout the entire tour. Who do you think I hear every time I see a building made of.....wait for it......"red brick"! Thanks SO much for wrapping up our week in such a fun way. We look forward to returning and participating in some of your other tours. Glide St. Louis is the way to go!!!!

Kerry & Natanja

Hey Glide St Louis...

I was on yesterday's (8/4/12) 3 hour tour. Just a quick note to say that I had the best time ever. Tour guide Bill and Hannah the official tour photog were better than I could have ever expected. They were great, the Segway's were way cool and it has to be the best way to tour a city...Glide Tour's shows off st Louis in a unique and special way. Thank You all very much....


To Glide St. Louis Tours:

My wife and I had the opportunity to take the Forest Park Segway tour with Glide St. Louis on our anniversary weekend in late August. I thought this would be a fun outdoor activity that was a little outside the box. It was everything it was everything we'd hoped for and more.

We met at the Chase Park Hotel(which is beautiful) and after a short safety video we went out to the closed parking lot to learn how to ride the Segways. Our guides, Bill and Max, made the experience of learning to ride comfortable and fun. Their patience and humor came in to play here, but after a short few minutes we we're up and running.

I am a St. Louis native and have been to Forest Park several times before, but had never seen some of the sights. We saw Art Hill and the St. Louis Art Museum, the Jewel Box, the St. Louis Zoo, the old boathouse and much more. Bill and Max also took us to some trails that were more remote. Although still in Forest Park, these trails showed the park in it's more natural state. It felt like we'd left the city and gone into the country! Our guides seemed to know everything there was to know about Forest Park and St. Louis history.

The tour lasted several hours even though it went by in a flash. I think one of the best parts was seeing joggers, walkers and bike riders in the park. Everyone smiles at you when you're on the tour. Probably because it looks like so much fun. The Segways really zip you around. Although the tour was fast paced, there was a sense of calm. You stayed with the group because you wanted to and not because you were being ordered around. At the end we we're tired, but had a longing to keep going.

After arriving back at the Chase Park our guide recommended we check out a sushi place in the Central West End. Sitting there having lunch at a sidewalk cafe we decided we couldn't have made a better choice. I am interested in taking the Soulard tour the next time we're in town. Thank you Glide St. Louis!


Bill and Leigh Ann D.
Shell Knob, MO