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About Segways

Did you know that the Segway Personal Transporter uses the same technology that keeps the space station level? The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) can self-balance because of a technology called Dynamic Stabilization, which works much the same way as your own sense of balance. The Segway senses the rider’s center of gravity 100 times a second. It has five solid-state gyroscopes, two tilt sensors, two high-speed microprocessors, and two powerful electric motors keeping it balanced, which mimics the mechanisms of human balance.

The PT has parallel systems that sense your center of gravity, instantaneously assess the information, and make minute adjustments one hundred times a second. It balances you whether you're traveling at 10 mph, carrying a heavy load, slowly maneuvering in tight spaces, or standing perfectly still. The Segway moves forward and backward by responding to changes in your body's center of gravity. When you lean forward you move forward. Straighten up and you stop. Lean back, and you move back. The new LeanSteer® technology makes guiding the unit natural and intuitive.

First introduced as “the IT,” the Segway became widely available in 2003. It was developed over a 10-year period by inventor Dean Kamen and cost more than $100 million. The new i2 model is manufactured by Segway, Inc. of New Hampshire.


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