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September 2, 2007 p.m.



  "Fantastic, Great, Tremendous, Terrific, Unforgettable, Incredible - what more can I say?"
"Lots of fun, great idea for a party.  We had a blast."

"Really enjoyable.. Very zippy.  Great for parties!"

  "Great time!  So much fun, you guys made a great birthday for my dad!"
"This was fantastic!!!  I had a blast!!!  Canit wait to do this again!"

  "1) Great fun for large or small groups.  2) Very easy and safe to ride."
"Thanks for everything.  The ride was great!!  That was the best ride in my entire lifetime!!"


  "This was the most fun we've had all year!  Thanks for making my father-in-law's birthday the best it could have been."
"Great time, well worth the money, very affordable.  You guys were super nice!"


  "It goes left, right, forward, backward... the best thing since I got my legs!"