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May 19, 2007 p.m.

"Great awesome experience! Would love to do it again at another place - Forest Park maybe! Thanx Joey did great."    
"Its very sweet to be taller and faster than the others walking the 11 miles around downtown.  Very tempting to ride again!!   "Wonderfully Tranquility experience! A must for first-timers!"
"Thank you for a wonderful experience.  It was worth every penny :-)    
    "So much fun! Worth the money! Enjoyed downtown near the courthouse the best."
"I really had great time Segway.  This is my first time! They show me in St. Louis, history in Downtown. Wonderful day.  Just want to tell you thank you very much.  Wish you best of luck your new business.  Good Luck, Patti"   "It's really fun & enjoyed it very much.  Won't mind going again.  No negative at all :-)"